Privacy Policy – Android

User Data

We are transparent about handling user data and we assure that the data does not go beyond our applications (android games, in this case). The data includes user information, device or app usage. Also, only the player name and in game levels, items collected etc, and achievements may be displayed on the website or inside the app, e.g. during contests.

Personal and Sensitive Information

Privacy Policy & Secure Transmission

The apps (games) that we have to offer may contain in app purchases, which require you to transmit personal information in which case we assure you that we will try our best in keeping your personal information safe and will only transmit all your sensitive data using modern cryptographic technologies over a secure HTTPs network. However, we cannot guarantee absolute security of any information we receive.

We use or process your personal information only for purposes that are consistent with the consent obtained from you. We will also never publicly disclose any personal or sensitive related to financial or payment activities or any government identification numbers. We will never ask you for your credit card or bank account information, your login or password, or national identification numbers via any unsolicited means, including emails or telephone calls.

We also will not ever share your personal information with any third parties. If we have to offer products or services where your information has to be separately collected and used according to the privacy policy of a third party, we will inform you of that and will only proceed after your consent.

Please note that sometimes we may need to disclose personal information to legal entities. MVG may also disclose information about you if such disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce the terms and conditions of any service you signed for or to protect the company or the users.