Videogames or Video Games

Are you confused about videogames or video games.

Well, according to me, there is even a third one to get confused, and that is video-games.

Now let me tell you that it does not actually matter (I will explain why later on), but what I know is it started with video games because that’s what it was games inside a video, then with a lot of video game influence slowly the slang became videogames. So now you know whether it is videogames or video games. Sometimes, I just use video-games.

Actually, what I meant when I said that it does not matter was that if you are a game enough gamer, then it does not matter whether it is videogames or video games or video-games for that matter.

It does mean anything at all and must be totally avoided at all costs if you are completely in game mode and practicing some sort of . But that is highly unlikely. But if it is not, then one must focus on the real life game mode more and knowledge of such things is not needed to move ahead even through the clusters of galaxies, IMHO.